what is neuropathy

Neuropathy: How to Recognize and Manage Neuropathic Pain

what is neuropathy

Numbness and tingling, uncomfortable burning, and painful sensations are all signs of neuropathic pain.

Neuropathic pain shouldn’t cause insomnia or a restless night of sleep.

Neuropathic pain happens because of inflammation, irritation, as well as due to compression of the neural tissue.

Neuropathic pain can happen anywhere in the body, including in the lower back
Different types of Neuropathic pain:

Local neuropathic pain – here nerve tissue grows into a degenerated intervertebral disc, causing localized nerve pain, disk discogenic pain and/or pain.

Mechanical neuropathic pain – if a nerve root is compressed upon its spine exit, possibly because of a herniated disc or narrow nerve opening ), nerve pain may occur along with the distribution of the nerve, and thus you can feel it in the legs, thigh, low back, and toes, as well as in the upper arms and/or fingers.

Inflammatory neuropathic pain – in this scenario the nerve roots are irritated due to irritants that have leaked out of herniated discs or degenerated disc. This results in inflammation and damage that causes pain to occur along with the distribution of the nerve, which can be in the low back, the thighs, legs and toes, as well as in the neck, shoulders, arms, hands and fingers.

Symptoms of Neuropathic low back pain –
•Shooting, sharp, stabbing, and/or electric shock-like pain that radiates from the lower back into your leg
•Lower back and/or legs Burning sensation
•Pricking, pins and needles sensation in your back and/or legs
•Tingling, weakness, and/or numbness neuropathy in your legs
•Acute and localized pain or a nagging dull ache in the low back

Managing neuropathic pain
Neuropathic pain often becomes chronic. So it’s important to prevent this.
• Self-care – local heat application
•Correct posture
•Herbal Medicine

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