“Highly Recommend”
Dr Francis is great! In just a few weeks I am sleeping better, and I have more energy. Taking the herbs is super easy. I would highly recommend Dr Francis to anyone!
– I.C.

“This Place Cured Me”
This place cured me. I went to see Dr Francis with pain, swelling, and numbness in my left knee after several injuries. I had 10 sessions and I am pain free, swelling is way down, and no more numbness. It didn’t take me 10 sessions to see the results either! Super great place. Customer service is primo! Thank you for healing me.
– J.T.

“Dr. Francis Is Phenomenal”
Dr. Francis is phenomenal. He spends quality time with his patients and actively listens to every concern. For those of us not well versed in Chinese medicine, he provides clear explanation of his treatment approach and answers all questions. On top of this, his office is peaceful and spa-like. Quite a welcoming location for health and healing.
– D.

“Very Pleased”
I started seeing Dr. Skyler a few months ago and I have been very pleased. I had never done Acupuncture before and he as explained how the treatments work and we are seeing good results to some on going pain that I have been having.
– L.E.

“Arthritic knees and I can walk again!”
Dr. Skyeler has been treating me for 2 years now and am so pleased with the success we’ve achieved. Before I was only able to hobble around the house and cook food for my daughter and grandchildren, and barely make it back upstairs to my room. After acupuncture, dietary advice and herbal tea’s, I’ve been walking so much better. I’m now working with him mostly on my diabetic loss of vision and diabetic neuropathy.
– D.D.

“Acupuncture Works!”
I was hesitant to come in for a chronic back injury I’ve had for over 3 years due to a car accident. After my first course of acupuncture treatments my back pain was tremendously reduced! I’ve carried on with more treatments for my IBS and occasional constipation and am healing nicely. I highly recommend Dr. Francis.
– K.C.

“Recurrent swollen wrist healed”
I’ve had a recurrent left swollen wrist that comes and goes every couple months and then subsides and then comes back. Dr. Francis revealed that it was in fact related to my indigestion and through acupuncture and herbs I was healed in less than 2 weeks and have been symptom free for 6 months now.

“So Helpful and caring”
I’ve seen various doctors and massage therapists for my sore shoulders and arms as well as my digestive issues, but nothing ever lasted. I’m a massage therapist and thus need my arms and shoulder to be healthy. Within 5 treatments my shoulders and forearms were already feeling massively improved! My digestive health is improving too.
– R.F.

“Connecting the dots”
I had an amazing experience with Dr. Skyeler’s acupuncture skills. I was really stressed, had terrible constipation and intense index finger pain. He showed me how they were actually connected and proceeded to treat them and within 2 weeks I was 90% better.
– T.D.

“Diabetes numbers dropping!”
1 year ago I was diagnosed as a type 2 diabetic and I knew from the start that I wanted to treat it naturally. Dr. Francis helped me with my diet, hydration and supported me with the correct herbs to help me lower my blood sugar levels and bring me down into the pre-diabetic category! I still eat the wrongs foods from time to time, but having his guidance has really helped me. Since type 2 diabetes doesn’t just happen overnight, I know that healing this condition will take a big effort on my part. I’m so happy to have the support of Dr. Francis.
– K.J.

“Low back pain gone”
I came in after I suddenly through my back out, I was only able to walk hunched over, and it was the first time I ever had acupuncture from Dr. Francis. After the treatment I literally walked out upright! I was astonished.
– T.T.

“Gentle and great with kids”
Dr. Skyeler has been treating my 6 year old son for stomach aches that constantly used to make him miss school and recurrent ear infections. Over the past year my sons missed very few school days. Also, Dr. Skyeler’s bedside manner with my son is great and he’s gentle with the acupuncture. My son actually enjoys his treatments.
– R.J.

“Vertigo gone in 2 weeks”
Last summer I had really bad vertigo after I got off an airplane. It lasted, on and off, for a couple months with nothing being able to help it. This summer the same thing happened, only this time I came to see Dr. Francis. With Acupuncture, herbs and dietary recommendation’s I was vertigo free from the second treatment and it never came back.
– D.M.

“Clear skin and no more hives or steroids!”
Acupuncture, herbal teas and amazing herb baths were all prescribed to me to treat my hives that affected my body and entire legs. My reliance on steroids (prednisone) and antihistamines was able to be stopped. Within 3 days I was already better! But since my hives always flared with my menstrual period I needed to be treated for longer to prevent the monthly hive flare. Did I mention the herb baths, so soothing to the skin!
– S.S.